Church Girls Movement

The Movement

The Church Girls Movement, affectionately known as Church Girls Just Want to Have Fun, is a global Christian movement for teenage girls and young women who value relationship with Jesus Christ over religion. It is comprised of a community of “church girls” or young women with Godly standards living in a society that ignores, resists and devalues their standards. An organization of like-minded young women striving to live a fulfilling life, with Godly standards, and not feel as if they’re missing out on the fun life has to offer. Like everyone else, church girls just want to have fun too!

We Believe

  • God exists in three persons: God the Father, God the Son whom we call Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit

  • The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is essential to live a holy and separated life in this world

  • Salvation requires a personal relationship with Jesus Christ- not religion


We aim to be a guide, a solution and a testimony for teenage girls and young women across denominations, racial and cultural barriers. As Titus 2:3-5 suggests, women should learn from one another. Specifically, the older women should teach the young women. We can navigate life, confront common issues and attain victory with knowledge and power- together. Therefore, as a result of common stories, experiences, desires, etc. among teenage girls and women, we provide content, develop resources and host events to meet their needs and to serve them. Join the movement.

Ask a Church Girl!

It can be difficult navigating life and making decisions with so many opinions from family, friends, culture, media, etc. If you have any questions, let us help! We will provide you with the Biblical perspective or point you in the right direction to determine your answer. To submit your question(s), click here.